Sunday, February 11, 2018

Babylon Five “Icarus” Delta-Class

Icarus BackIcarus FrontIcarus SideIcarus_1_ Beauty

The Hyperion Dock Gallery

This is my adaptation of an addition to the Earth Alliance Heavy Cruiser from Babylon 5.The new Delta Class Advanced Tactical Destroyer called the “Icarus”.The  Icarus also doubles as a research vessel for deep space exploration in search of “The First Ones” an ancient race from a distant galaxy to help battle the shadow race. Just paying homage to my favorite all time Sci-fi show Babylon5 from the early 90s, this  might shed a  little light for the modular design of the ship. The bottom last image is the sister ship “The Hyperion”in dry dock. Base mesh modeled in Sketch up Pro .Then all the rest of the  final modeling and detailing / rendering in Cinema4D.

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