Friday, January 13, 2012

A.I. Concept

Final Render
Bot blur exposure
Final render of my Artificial intelligence android , pretty happy with the end result ,  All  was modeled with in Cinema 4D  along with the AR3 module HDRI , GI settings . Rigging the model would eliminate that rigid look possibly for a better pose , next time !
Dualbust chest shot[8]
The Most complicated part of the modeling on my A.I. project so far are the hands for me , i just started working on them and have scratched the hand design twice !
final duo head shot[6]
I do plan on making more details for the head gear/neck .The face plate is a self modified part of the older 9.0 version of C4D from the browser content , all is modeled with in C4D 11.5 with GI, a total fun project that seems to click ! Some of my other projects seem to lurk on my hard drive for months……
3 way droid chest plate[5]
Chest plate of a android concept i have been working on , most of the other pieces are already modeled in stages such as the head ,arms ,legs etc. etc. Modeled in Cinema 4D standard 3 point light set up no GI . Nurbs i love them and then hate them at times !

Thursday, January 12, 2012

UCSD Geisel Library Building

1 j

Geisel Library LG

Sketch up is getting to become one of my favorite tools to use for architectural visuals. By all means I am not a architect  but I have been fascinated with it since my younger years, I did study it after high school  for a year  (this was before CAD programs) but  later to find  out that  mathematics  was my stumbling block  . The Geisel building was named after Dr. Seuss. The tools used for this project were  Sketch up pro 8 , Style Builder  and  Sketch up  layout  and  Photo Shop . I have always enjoyed the sight of this building here in San Diego, what a sight in the distance !