Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pre - Visual Cabinet Design 1

4 way layout cabnet5

Most recent modern kitchen design include sleek, straight and clean lines. Less is more, such as less accessories, hidden appliances, and minimal details. Common materials include stainless steel, marble, granite, and frosted glass, with Basic bold geometric shapes .

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pre - Visual Cabinet Design

4 way layout cabnet_1

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design taken from previous plans,Pre- Visual rendition compiled with  in  Sketch up, post production work in Photo Shop with the  Topaz filters. Later i will bring it in to a 3D program for realism.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

A Master final Blue prints cabnet_2

Designed in Sketch up" Layout" 8 pro.

Projections Of Slopeing Soffit

Final 3 Way Barnes_2
Wide box cornice with horizontal lookouts… Personal project here , i am brushing up on old skills from before any kind of computer aided programs were even thought of , of course this is now and i used Sketchup "Layout" !

Structural Steel

Final Beam 3 way_1 While both Structural steel structures and Reinforced concrete cement (R.C.C) structures have their pros and cons,the steel structures have better strength to weight ratio than RCC, and can be easily dismantled,Steel structures,which have bolted connections can also be reused to some extent after dismantling. Designed in Sketchup 8 Pro.