Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Comprehensive Dental Clinic

Smooth Clinic FinalFinal render of the San Ysidro Dental Clinic although the location is in San Diego the  area  is not as lush with foliage/vegetation   as in the render, a  modern concept for a economically challenged area  i believe this clinic has been put on hold three  different times for a major remodel  and most likely will never receive it . As of now i  no longer need the dental services of the clinic so  i decided to carry on in the spirit to their remodel they have been promised by the state of California , hey we all dream of working in a nicer place ! I presented the clinic with the image for a beckon  of hope for all the employees and the administration , of course they have to be politically correct and not hang  it in the hallways. 

Modeled in Sketchup Pro 8 rendered in Cinema 4D with the AR3 module.