Saturday, December 24, 2011

Add – Marketing Campaigns

In the works final MDcopy

First off this (3-D) image has no affiliation to the Lancome brand name , no monetary gains were made from this image in any way or form , this image is strictly made for a self exercise of advanced 3-D modeling , lighting and shading . Modeled and rendered in Cinema4D GI ,HDRI map and a light box setup . Post production PhotoshopCS3 and Adobe Lightroom was used .

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nature Boy DOF


Another close up hovering view with Depth of field along with a wide angled camera view ! Concept of the creatures girth/makings are made from the earth !

Nature Boy Beauty Shot


Ancient menace of the earth unleashing the Armageddon hence the Alpha and the Omega theme .

Nature Boy

@8dfinal copy

Game idea originally out of a tutorial in 3D world magazine, i finished off the base mesh in Z brush the rest modeled and rendered in C4D .

Elan Ergo Retro

final chair

Same sleek lines as in the previous design , bold colors with that 70s feel !