Saturday, December 24, 2011

Add – Marketing Campaigns

In the works final MDcopy

First off this (3-D) image has no affiliation to the Lancome brand name , no monetary gains were made from this image in any way or form , this image is strictly made for a self exercise of advanced 3-D modeling , lighting and shading . Modeled and rendered in Cinema4D GI ,HDRI map and a light box setup . Post production PhotoshopCS3 and Adobe Lightroom was used .

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nature Boy DOF


Another close up hovering view with Depth of field along with a wide angled camera view ! Concept of the creatures girth/makings are made from the earth !

Nature Boy Beauty Shot


Ancient menace of the earth unleashing the Armageddon hence the Alpha and the Omega theme .

Nature Boy

@8dfinal copy

Game idea originally out of a tutorial in 3D world magazine, i finished off the base mesh in Z brush the rest modeled and rendered in C4D .

Elan Ergo Retro

final chair

Same sleek lines as in the previous design , bold colors with that 70s feel !

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Elan Ergo

Elan Ergo recliner

Elan Ergo the new age of elegant high-end modern dental office solutions, sleek straight clean lines, less is more concept . Multi-position tilt lock, with pneumatic seat height adjustment.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Islands In The Sky


Officially forced into early retirement due to health reasons which i will not get into at this point of time , yes a bit different for now my mind is still in overdrive how ironic my wonderful other half  and i just moved into a 55 + community go figure !. The out come of time on ones hands is a artists dream.   About the render Yes i know its a bit over replicated  but  my main goal was to create a once was ancient  dream world with monochrome moon glow feel to it  , Z brush , Carrara 7 and lots of Photoshop with the aid of a Wacom drawing tablet  Adobe Light Box was used for adjustment of the image .
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Comprehensive Dental Clinic

Smooth Clinic FinalFinal render of the San Ysidro Dental Clinic although the location is in San Diego the  area  is not as lush with foliage/vegetation   as in the render, a  modern concept for a economically challenged area  i believe this clinic has been put on hold three  different times for a major remodel  and most likely will never receive it . As of now i  no longer need the dental services of the clinic so  i decided to carry on in the spirit to their remodel they have been promised by the state of California , hey we all dream of working in a nicer place ! I presented the clinic with the image for a beckon  of hope for all the employees and the administration , of course they have to be politically correct and not hang  it in the hallways. 

Modeled in Sketchup Pro 8 rendered in Cinema 4D with the AR3 module.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Golden Age

Golden Age

Terra-Forming And Colonization

Tera-forming sequence by the use of harnessing of asteroids and the process of how the river basin develops, and then the progressive flow of the colonization process .

The goal was to capture the feel of a newly designed tera-formed world with a American Indian new world settlement on a river basin feel .The tee-pee type structures demonstrate to the viewer on how young and fragile the planet is, and how it would look thru the eyes of an explorer . New beginnings for the human race !


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Madurai Veeran

try this ray


Madurai Veeran is a heroic figure from South India who is venerated as a protector of the people. Madurai Veeran is one of the Kaval deivam or guardian spirits that are outside of every  village. I think its a appropriate name for a new colonized  world .