Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Knight Follies


Modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D , details of the head sculpt made in Zbrush . Brave behind the helmet  scared of his own shadow with out it !  A fun character project over all  .





Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spore Concept

Daglas Alien Safari 1 SporeDaglas Alien Safari 2  SporeDaglas Alien Safari 3 SporeDaglas Spore Line Up LastGorgo_color_copy[5]
Overall a truly fun project  to make  for starters a concept sketch was created  which is located below ,  the modeling was done in Zbrush with z spheres then exported using the Go Z plugin into Cinema 4D utilizing the hair module and heavy displacement maps with the environments floor , rendered in  Cinemas AR3 with GI. Spore has been incarcerated for intergalactic crimes !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

San Diego High Speed Rail Station

Small Final train station1 Long one[4]1235
  • Fictitious Concept and preliminary sketches of a train station study that houses a “ high speed bullet train” , the routes are proposed origins are from the San Diego convention center replacing the old Amtrak line to San Francisco with various stops along the line .
    This is the first part /module design of the station it will be as long as the convention center itself, a majority of the rail lines will be underground in the vicinity of the dense area of the convention center / downtown area . Modeled in Sketch UP Pro Post work in Painter and Photo shop , my main goal is to illustrate on a grand scale as a sketch , then later I will render in 3D. This is a work in process.
    By any means I am not a architect I just have a passion for concept design !  Click on the image for  high resolution  viewing .

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grain Silo Final Renders

Final Gallery 1Final Gallery TopView
Finally finished my grain silo project ,close to one year since my last update like so many other large  projects I have lurking on my hard drive I simply lost the drive to finish it , a product of way to many ideas  going on at once .If your into how I did the modeling click on the label below  “ Grain silo WIP “ some pretty decent clay renders there.
Grain Silos like these you don't see out here in San Diego, myself being a transplant from the Chicago area then moving into the southern parts of Illinois in my teens i used to see these types of silos, all had different designs and storage capacities some way larger all stacked in rows and some just plain grain bins . Just one of the things i miss about the Midwest of the US. I hope i captured that rustic atmospheric mood ! Modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D AR3. Click on the images to see the large version for all the details.
side DOF[5]
32[4]Beauty shot[4]