Saturday, May 12, 2012

San Diego High Speed Rail Station

Small Final train station1 Long one[4]1235
  • Fictitious Concept and preliminary sketches of a train station study that houses a “ high speed bullet train” , the routes are proposed origins are from the San Diego convention center replacing the old Amtrak line to San Francisco with various stops along the line .
    This is the first part /module design of the station it will be as long as the convention center itself, a majority of the rail lines will be underground in the vicinity of the dense area of the convention center / downtown area . Modeled in Sketch UP Pro Post work in Painter and Photo shop , my main goal is to illustrate on a grand scale as a sketch , then later I will render in 3D. This is a work in process.
    By any means I am not a architect I just have a passion for concept design !  Click on the image for  high resolution  viewing .

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